Rendered Speechless


There are perhaps a few preconceptions about natural render in architecture and their association with a particular aesthetic: natural renderers go hand-in-hand with curved, organic, rustic, owner-built homes right? Wrong!


I decided to gather a few images of contemporary applications of natural clay and lime renders.



The contrast of a beautiful, earthy natural render finish adds depth and warmth to sleek, contemporary spaces.


I then stumbled across the beautiful project: Tea Mountain cafe, Prague, by A1 Architects, featuring a black straw and clay wall.


The design is reminiscent of Japanese Tea Houses and Wabi Sabi aesthetics – centred around the beauty of imperfection. See their website here.republic  Tea-shop-in-Prague-by-A1-Architects_dezeen_2

Architect Lenka Kremenova spoke to Dezeen commenting that “We always search for a certain kind of quality of materials which could be called ‘touchableness’.”

In contrast. see the following photos where Michaela Scherrer Interior Design use lime render in a bathroom.


Lime renders are naturally antibacterial and allow a wall to ‘breathe’, creating healthier internal environments. ldebq7a32s (1)

You CAN get rendering!Clayworks - Katy plastering 2


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