Timber Post

The tallest timber apartment building in the world located in Melbourne, Australia. Lend Lease have designed and built Forte, a 10-storey apartment building using Cross Laminated Timber.


[Figure 1]

So why a timber building?

Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is a prefabricated timber product in which layers of timber are laminated in ‘criss-cross’ directions into solid panels. Structurally, these panels perform comparably to engineered solutions such as steel and reinforced concrete, but while steel and concrete are carbon intensive to manufacture, timber actually stores carbon.


[Figure 2]

The lightweight timber structure has reduced foundation requirements than traditional reinforced concrete buildings (less materials, less digging) and is manufactured in a controlled factory environment providing for high quality control and opportunities for prefabrication and faster on-site assembly.


[Figure 3]

See http://www.crosslaminatedtimber.com.au/ for more details

Sustainability & the building:

Forte houses 23 residential apartments as well as ground floor retail.


[Figure 4]

Each apartment has been designed to optimise passive solar gain and natural ventilation, a healthier and sustainable solution that relies less on mechanical heating and cooling. Chemical emissions from paints, carpets, joinery and wood products were also reduced.


[Figure 5]

We love the addition of vegetable gardens on the balconies and the nearby Victoria Harbour community garden. Not only do these reduce the embodied energy required to transport our food from its source to our plate, but they build and nurture local community spirit.


Visit the building’s website for more details on sustainable initiatives:



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