Jigsaw Puzzle Living

Potts Point Apartment by Anthony Gill Architects
Team: Anthony Gill and Sarah Mcspadden
Location: Potts Point, Sydney, 2010

CAN Studio loves this renovation project by Anthony Gill Architects. For this little puzzle, the architects worked on their home apartment, cleverly renovating the space to improve the liveability of the apartment to suit the family needs.


The apartment is only 38sqm but creative joinery design uses every cubic metre of space to transform a one bedroom apartment into a liveable family home for three!


The insertion of a joinery wall maximises storage whilst its visual permeability provides the illusion of continued space rather than enclosure.


A raised built-in single bed provides a sleeping space and bedroom for their daughter, underneath which a double bed slides out into the main living space.


From the architects:

“The idea is about a rich and layered backdrop for living, something that we all interact with everyday. The materials used are inexpensive. The shelves and kitchen are constructed from form-ply (low grade pre-finished plywood used for concrete formwork) and the wardrobe/bed block is hoop pine plywood with a beeswax finish.”


A simple, functional kitchen is nestled discreetly behind the storage wall. A limited palette of materials and finishes is a great way to minimise costs, while the consistency reduces visual clutter. The stainless steel + black + ply finishes have a beautiful contemporary warmth.



Existing floor plan


New Floor Plan

What do you think of this example of high density living in Sydney, Australia? Could you imagine sliding your bed away each morning? We CAN

Check out the architect’s website here:

Information, photos and drawings from Arch Daily

Photos by Peter Bennetts:

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