Rekindle is a social enterprise that salvage waste wood and turn it into beautifully crafted furniture, sculpture, interiors and jewellery.

Following the the earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand, Rekindle creatively give new life to reusable materials from devastated buildings.

bench-angle-copy-2_by emma byrne

[Figure 1]

Their work is a great way to minimise waste, reuse beautiful irreplaceable materials and provide job opportunities. A collaborative and community-based approach to heal both the social and environmental effects of a natural disaster.

We love the way the history of the material is elegantly embraced in the final products; most of the wood can be traced back to the original property it came from!

table-chair-copy-2_by emma byrne

[Figure 2]

Read on for an excerpt from their website:

group-bracelet-rekindle-jpg-high-res-by-laura-forest-5-copy-2_by laura forest

[Figure 3]

Our mission is to support communities to utilise their wood waste fully and in doing so, maximize the benefits of the purposeful work involved. Rekindle works to create employment and learning opportunities, and to actively enable people to participate in meaningful valued activity. We are a social enterprise strongly committed to these concerns, and any profits go into development of opportunities that further our ability to do this work.


[Figure 4]

Beautiful ancient and irreplaceable indigenous timber such as kauri, matai and rimu are most commonly diverted from waste and reused at Rekindle.


[Figure 5]

In Christchurch we are working to intercept the hurried disposal of reusable timber from earthquake-damaged homes, but there is so much wood going to waste that we cannot save due to limited resources. Rekindle products are a constructive response from within Christchurch as it remembers and rebuilds.


[Figure 6]

Check out their shop here:

And website here:

(be sure to check out how you CAN prevent wood going to landfill!)

A great example of the benefits of environmentally conscious, skill sharing and collaboration.


[Figure 7]

All photo’s are from their website.

Figure 1-2: Images by Emma Byrne

Figure 3-7: Images by Laura Forest

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