Close quarters Close family

This year I went to my first Indian wedding.


By that I mean I attended two out of five events surrounding the wedding that occurred between Sydney and Bangalore (in the South of India)!

The event reminded me just how incredibly close immediate and extended families are in the Indian culture. There is a certain contagious pleasure in being surrounded by their extended families. I wonder how much of this comes from what we in the west would call ‘living on top of each other’ in highly dense situations.


During my experience working in high-end residential architecture, the trend is for massive bedrooms and multiple private bathrooms. Does this isolate us from our family?

In countries where it’s normal to share a room (right up until you’re married.. and more!) one just becomes accustomed to their family’s constant presence. The family becomes integral to your daily functioning!


In order to progress to higher density living, we need to critically assess where the space needs to be in our homes..

Can we sacrifice an ensuite or a metre in a bedroom to give that space back to the shared spaces like dining and living?

How CAN architects and designers contribute to the strength of the family?

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