It’s not always easy to pinpoint the beginning of a new journey, but certainly a turning point was a 10-month trip to India and Nepal, beginning April 2012.


Spending time living with local friends (made along the way) and their families, resulted in a lot of time for reflection on the way culture has shaped the living density (or lack thereof) in both Australia, and in these foreign, exotic countries of India and Nepal.


In India and Nepal, significant population, and high-density living has resulted in a maximum (over) load of infrastructure.


We became accustomed to high density living quite quickly and it got us thinking… Here in Australia, with our wealth, space, education, resources, how do we maximise the efficiency of our infrastructures?


How can architecture in Australia be informed by our experiences of high density living, to minimise our footprints, live more sustainably, with greater efficiency, without significantly impacting the way we live?

Or do we need to radically change the way we live?


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